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Dear Colleagues,

The team at Woodhouse Dental Practice are delighted to invite you to browse our website and take a look at the services we offer.

Woodhouse Dental Practice is a training centre for the Warwick University MSc Programme and we have three dentists currently undertaking the MSc in restorative dental practice at The UCL Eastman Hospital.

Our Masters Programme Trainees are able to provide high quality, comprehensive private restorative care including: conservative, periodontal, prosthodontics, endodontic and implant dentistry.

Referral for Assessment & Treatment Planning

If you have a particular patient or case that you believe requires a second opinion or advanced treatment planning we will be happy to see them for a private consultation in our teaching clinic this consists of two 30 minute appointments and the price is from £250.

The initial consultation will consist of a complete examination with caries, periodontal and occlusal assessment. The patient will have to re-attend for a treatment planning consultation, once we have articulated study casts, at this appointment we will discuss their photographs, radiographs and study models and go through all the treatment options available to them.

The patient will be returned to your care with their study models and copies of their radiographs and photographs along with a comprehensive treatment plan for your consideration.

Referral for Treatment

If you would prefer that the treatment be carried out by one of our MSc tutors or trainees, then you will need to request this in writing and you will be sent a price guide for the treatment plan that you can discuss with the patient. If you and the patient are happy with the price of treatment then we will be happy to complete the treatment plan and return the patient to you for routine care and on-going monitoring and maintenance.

Referral for supervised treatment

The MSc tutors and trainees at Woodhouse invite you to bring your advanced or complex cases along for a private consultation and if you feel more comfortable providing the treatment whilst being supervised we can arrange for a tutor to supervise you whilst you perform the dental care, assisted by one of our Masters Programme Trainees. The patient charges for the consultation and the treatment will be payable to the training centre.

We feel you will benefit immensely from the learning experience. We can discuss your training needs with you and direct you towards appropriate training and development opportunities.

Please contact the practice and arrange to speak to Dr Khan regarding any of the above services that you would like to take advantage of.